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Energy Development

REAL ESTATE ONE is your personal specialist for „Energy Development“

One of the most immediate challenges on our planet is the fulfilment of the world’s energy demands in combination with a sustainable reduction of greenhouse gases, co2 emissions and global warming. Our sustainable answer: Photovoltaic. Project management, construction and the distribution of photovoltaic-systems are the core competence of REAL ESTATE ONE Energy Development.

Europe is facing an energy-change during the next years and so Governments around Europe are deeply interested into green energy solutions. Therefore they started to support green energy with a fixed and attractive governmental financial support. Thus, all our projects are very popular for our clients and potential investors.

As a matter of fact, we develop our green energy projects with our local partners and we are preparing them for investors and investment funds. REAL ESTATE ONE Energy Development takes responsibility for the coordination and cooperation process between all involved parties.


Actual projects that we offer:

  • 8 x 1 MW PV-Project Abruzzo/Italy – A.U. - Completion and ENEL connection 8/2011 – SOLD
  • 3 MW Abruzzo/Italy – A.U. – Grid connection in 5/2012 including financing – SOLD
  • 13 MW Bulgaria – Completion 1.Sem. 2012 – SOLD

13,46 MW Photovoltaic-Portfolio in Italy

  • Price total € 44 Million
  • Equity € 15,1 Million
  • 15 on ground/on roof mounted PV-plants in 7 SPV (S.r.l.)
  • Province Umbria – Lazio – Puglia – Basilicata – Emilia Romagna – Sicilia
  • All plants in operation – Grid connection 2011 and 2012
  • Including financing
  • IRR 11% guaranteed


REAL ESTATE ONE Energy Development emphasizes a high degree of creditworthiness and reliability of the EPC. We also want to underline that we only recommand high quality inverter and photovoltaic modules (all modules and technical equipment are bankable). For our customers we also coordinate the insurance service and the due diligence process.

You receive all project details based on your request. Don’t hesitate to contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .